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VersionRelease DateTypeChanges
2.0 Build 20xx

Q3 2015

  • Added support for multiple screens
  • Redesign
  • Removed splash screen
  • Requirements:
    • Windows Vista (SP2) or higher
    • .NET Framework 4.5.1
1.8 Build 180527 April 2014Stable
  • Added a fully working settings system
  • Added a check for if the app is run as admin
  • Integrated RTUpdater
  • Fixed minor UI problems for Windows XP and Windows 8
  • Fixed reset-button not resetting timer for Keyboard Blocker and radio button
  • Fixed "?"-button not working in expert mode
  • Rewritten and improved code in the main windows
  • Updated and improved splash screen code
  • Updated and improved the Windows Aero code
  • Updated links everywhere in the app
  • Updated copyright year
  • Updated UI with some minor changes
  • Updated license link in about window
  • Removed a couple of "Help" links
  • Removed requirement for admin rights when launching app

1.7.7 Build 1758

12. Feb 2013

  • Fixed donation-window not showing
  • Improved some code

1.7.6 Build 1753

31. Dec 2012Stable
  • Added the newest version of RTUpdater (1.0.6)
  • Added Homepage to help menu
  • Added update check on startup
  • BSOD Mkr.ico is not required anymore
  • Minor changes in About window

1.7.5 Build 1750

29. Dec 2012

  • Perm-fix for crash when exiting in Expert Mode
  • Updated the Donation-window
  • Updated links to get ready for 2.0
1.7.4 Build 174829. Oct 2012Stable
  • Fixed changelog link
  • Fixed preview text
  • Added a new and better updater
  • Updated the "Update"-window
1.7.3 Build 174519. Sep 2012Stable
  • Added a license window
  • Added a update checker on start up
  • Added some info for the text boxes in Expert Mode and BSOD Editor
  • Updated the copyright
  • Updated the text in About window
  • Updated a lot of links
  • Updated the update checker
  • Re-sized the donation window
  • Re-sized the about window and buttons
  • Minor changes to About window
  • Minor changes to BSOD Editor
  • Fixed spelling mistakes
  • Possible fix for crash when exiting in Expert Mode
  • Removed some old unneeded lines of code
  • Optimized some code
1.7.2 Build 173414. June 2012Stable
  • Added settings code
  • Added screen resolution: 1336x768 (Only in Normal Mode)
  • Added info text under resolution in Normal Mode
  • Re-sized the both of the windows in width (-47px)
  • Reset button is now smaller than "MAKE THE BSOD" button
  • Removed unused references
  • Updated the help menu
  • Updated the copyright
1.7.1 Build 172329. April 2012Stable
  • Added a better update checker
  • Added two template to BSOD editor, more will be added later
  • Keyboard Blocker is now enabled by default in expert mode
  • Loading the application should be faster now
  • Fixed font color on splash screen for BSOD Mkr text
  • Fixed progress bar not being 99% when the text was, it was more like 90-95
  • Fixed BDOD Mkr crashing when closing the app via expert mode
  • Fixed Custom BSOD text box color could be changed without custom being checked
  • Fixed Keyboard Blocker not being enabled in Normal Mode when checked
  • Fixed a bug
1.7 Build 171210. April 2012Stable
  • Added 'Expert Mode'
    • Import .BSOD-files
    • BSOD Editor (Save and Open .BSOD-files)
    • Custom screen resolution
    • Custom BSOD color
  • Added two new buttons:
    • "MAKE THE BSOD" -> Which makes the BSOD
    • "Reset" -> Resets the radio buttons
  • Added "Enable" and "Disable" for "Keyboard Blocker"
  • Added a small preview box in Normal Mode
  • Added custom color for BSOD's
  • Added the missing link for the license
  • Added a new splash screen
  • The width of the main window is now 667px to make it more fitted for low screen resolutions (ex. 800x600)
  • Changed the credits box in About
  • Changed some text in the donation window
  • Changed all the screen resolution buttons to radio buttons
  • Fixed BSOD not on-top
  • Fixed app crashes when BSOD closed in Task Manager
  • Updated/Changed some links several places of the app
  • Updated som text for UAC info window
  • Removed more meme files and meme code that I missed
  • Removed twitter link from the credits
1.6.2 Build 165811. March 2012Stable
  • Updated the bugs link in changelog
  • Updated the Windows Aero windows detection Windows Aero should only be activated in Windows Vista and 7. Windows 8 uses a different code to activate so Aero is not working in Win8
  • Added a check for versions that does not use UAC for the UAC and Keyboard Blocker window
  • Changed some text in "UAC and Keyboard Blocker" window
  • Changed the year of copyright on the file
  • Removed all the meme files and meme code
  • Removed some lines of unneeded code in Keyboard Blocker
  • Fixed some spelling in the changelog
1.6.1 Build 165106. March 2012Stable
  • Fixed Windows Aero crashing the app on Windows XP
  • Fixed version text on splash screen not being perfectly center
  • Made the progress bar on the splash screen a bit bigger
  • Moved KB combo box a little to the left
  • Sized the window down to 945px wide for better fitting on low screen resolutions (ex. 800x600)
  • Removed the spacer in the center of the app
1.6 Build 164504. March 2012Stable
  • Paired support & help together in the menu
  • The main windows is 10px smaller in height
  • The Meme extras is disabled
  • Added "Online Help" in the help menu
  • Added "Offline Help" (sort of) in the help menu
  • Removed several unneeded lines of code
  • Removed the Meme timer
  • Removed all the code for "Pro" and "Free"
  • Updated links in several places of the app
  • Changed the copyright year from 2012 to 2009-2012
  • Fixed that app opllened before loaded 100%
  • Fixed font being wrong in about under the names
  • Fixed the tooltip on 720p and 1080p, they where switched
1.6 RC2 Build 163827. Feb 2012Release Candidate
  • Split the app into 2 versions. Free and Pro.
  • Re-wrote some of the text in "How to use BSOD Mkr"
  • Added "Activation" in the menu
  • Added "Buy Pro" in the menu
  • Added "More info" & "Less info" in About
  • Added "Want to upgrade?" windows at start up
  • Added two links at bottom in the copyright text
  • Changed link for "Visit homepage" in About
  • Changed About window type
  • Changed from "Testers" to "Credits" in about
  • Changed the font style to bold on the names in "Credits"
  • Fixed slow load on splash screen for PC's with dual cores
  • Fixed main form not opening right away when progress bar is at 100%
  • Removed donate window on start up
  • Removed Donate button from menu
1.6 RC1 Build 162119. Feb 2012Release Candidate
  • Now with 34 less buttons!
  • Re-designed the app again!
  • Renamed all of the forms so it is easier to code
  • Added a menu
  • Added new button in menu:
    • Report a Bug
    • Check for Updates
  • Added 5 more minutes to the "Keyboard Blocker"
  • Added shortcut keys for Enabling and disabling Windows Aero
  • Added some info to "Enable Sounds?"
  • Added timer for Meme's to show
  • Organized support in to two buttons:
    • Submit a Ticket
    • Forum
  • Removed "How many screens do you have?"
  • Removed "NEW!" text
  • Removed "Other Colors" tab
  • Disabled:
    • Nyan Cat
    • "Y U NO Guy"
    • Meme Timer
1.5.4 Build 158413. Feb 2012Stable
  • Removed some unneeded code from donation window
  • Added License in about window
  • Fixed year in Assembly info
1.5.3 Build 157910. Feb 2012Stable
  • Added Windows Aero to About window
  • Fixed sizable window on main
  • Fixed sizable window on help
  • Changed name of "Help" window tp "FAQ/Help"
  • Changed FAQ/Help window type
  • Changed the name of "BLUE" tab to "BLUE (Original)"
1.5.2 Build 15716. Feb 2012Stable
  • Removed unneeded form
  • Removed version from window name
  • Removed a image in HOME tab
  • Added a "Activate/Deactivate Windows Aero" button
  • Changed name of company in Assembly Information
  • Re-designed About
  • Re-coded splash screen
1.5.1 Build 156230. Jan 2012Stable
  • Added a info text in Keyboard Blocker box
  • Added sound to Trollface
  • Added a some info on why the Nyan Cat does not work
  • Added a information box on "Y U NO" Guy
  • Removed 3 lines of unneeded code
  • Fixed spelling in donations window
  • Edited some text in the "How to..." window
  • Edited show time for Meme's form 1.9 seconds to 3 seconds
1.5 Build 153426. Jan 2012Stable
  • Redesign of the whole app! From 3+ "main"-windows to only one.
    • Changed some colors
    • Changed some text in "How to use BSOD Mkr"
    • Changed the About window name
    • Edited some text in changelog
    • Edited the "What's my screen resolution?" box
    • Added Tool Tip to the black buttons aswell
    • Added a "Extras" options field:
      • Option to add one of several Meme's
        • Trollface
        • LOL Guy
        • "Y U NO" Guy
        • Nyan Cat
      • Added text box where you can specify how many seconds you want the 'Keyboard Blocker' to block the keyboard and mouse
  • Added a "Misc." group with these buttons:
    • "How to use BSOD Mkr"
    • "What's my screen resolution?"
    • "FAQ / Help"
    • "Support"
    • "About"
  • Added a Donate button
  • Added a option for sound on Nyan Cat
  • Added another tester
  • Added a Donate window at startup
  • Added what the testers tested below them
  • Added a 'Other Colors' instead of Orange
  • Removed the Orange and Red color option
1.4 Build 1465

22. Jan 2012

22:04 GMT+1

  • Improved loading time (from 5 sec to 2 sec)
  • In About I changed the text "Testing" to "Testers"
  • Changed "A good tip..." to "How to use BSOD Mkr" and I wrote a how to tutorial there :)
  • Removed Yellow and added Black on main window
  • Added ALL black BSOD's
1.3 Build 1337

22. Jan 2012

01:04 GMT+1

  • Reduced file size from 39.6MB to 15.9MB (23.7MB removed!)
  • Added keyboard blocker to all BSOD's
  • Added some information on all the buttons on the main window
  • Fixed text scaling on ALL BSOD's
  • Fixed cursor hiding after "BSOD" again
  • Removed one unneeded reference
  • Removed some unneeded lines code
1.3 Build 132221. Jan 2012Beta
  • Added a new starting window where you can choose BSOD color and introduced Windows Aero to that window
  • Fixed cursor hiding after "BSOD"
  • Added a keyboard and mouse block (can be killed by CTRL+ALT+DEL) Keyboard and mouse is only blocked for 30 seconds, unless it is killed.
  • Added a progress bar on the splash screen
  • Changed the link "Need higher resolutions? Contact us!" to "Need higher/other resolutions? Contact us!"
  • Centered the "Choose your screen resolution" text correctly and with "Need higher/other resolutions? Contact us!"
  • Fixed the copyright text down to the right so it aligns with the menu at top
  • Updated About
1.2 Build 129320. Jan 2012Stable
  • Added "Planned Features" in the changelog file
  • Added dates to the changelog
  • Added a link text called "Need higher resolutions? Contact us!" with a link to our support site
  • Added a underline to the Support and About links
  • Removed several lines of code
  • Removed the text in the box at bottom right on main window
  • Changed some stuff in About
  • Changed links on main window
  • Changed copyright link at the bottom on main window
  • Changed some text in the message box after the 'What's your screen resolution?' box
  • Added tooltips to: 1280x720, 1920x1080, 4096x3072, 4096x2304 (4K), 7680x4320 (UHD/8K)
  • Added new screen resolutions:
    • 4096x2304 (4K), 7680x4320 (UHD/8K)
1.1 Build 102315. Sep 2011Stable
  • Fixed links
1.0 Build 102105. Nov 2010Stable
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor changes to the About box
  • Changed the name of the 'tip' button
  • Changed some of the links, because i got a new domain
  • Added a link to my website in the about
  • Fixed some spelling in the 'Change Log'
  • Changed some text in the message box after the 'What's your screen resolution?' box
  • Added a 'Copyright' text at the bottom right of the app
  • Deleted a screen resolution: 4096x1716
  • Added new screen resolutions:
    • 1920x1080, 2560x1600, 2560x2048, 3200x2048
    • 200x2400, 3840x2400, 4096x3072, 5120x3200
    • 5120x4096, 6400x4096, 6400x4800, 7680x4800
0.5 Build 051218. Nov 2009N/A
  • Not a public release
  • Fixed some minor button bugs
  • Fixed problem when BSOD Mkr don't quits
0.5 Build 050017. Nov 2009Stable
  • New screen resolutions, look at the bottom!
  • Added a "What's my screen resolution?"-button
  • Moved the "A good tip" to the bottom of the app and called it "A VERY cood tip..."
  • Change the "Nah" in the "Got higher?"-box and called it "Don't think so..."
  • Added a link to an Online changelog for this app
  • Renamed the about box from "BSOD Mkr About" to "About BSOD Mkr"
  • Removed 'Tray Icon Menu', because it did not work
  • Re-arranged some buttons, because it was not in the correct order
  • Added new screen resolutions:
    • 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x720, 1280x800
    • 1280x1024, 1400x1050, 1440x900, 1600x1200
    • 1680x1050, 1920x1200, 2048x1080, 2048x1152, 2048x1536
0.1 Build 010312. Nov 2009Beta
  • First public release